Bebird Lite

kr 990
Bebird Lite
Bebird Lite
Bebird Lite
Bebird Lite
Bebird Lite
Bebird Lite

Bebird Lite

kr 990
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Bebird Lite is an earwax remover with a camera that allows you to see clearly inside your ear. It gives you the experience needed to do a thorough cleaning.

Bebird Lite
Bebird Lite
Bebird Lite
Bebird Lite
Bebird Lite
Bebird Lite

Bebird Lite

kr 990
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    Bebird X17 Pro er designet med et staiv, som lar deg plassere den der du ønsker. Den er laget av aluminium, som gjør at håndgrepet er veldig behalig. Den gir deg den opplelvensen det trengs, for å gjøre en gunding rengjøring.

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    Bebird Lite: Design

    Bebird Lite: Design

    • ✔️ 360-degree camera view for accurate inspection of the inside of the ear.  
    • ✔️Comfortable handle for easy use.
    • ✔️ Equipped with a 50mm rod for clear observation of the ear canal.

    HD ear camera - 3 megapixels

    HD ear camera - 3 megapixels

    • ✔️ Camera consists of 3 million pixels.
    • ✔️ 3-axis technology reduces shaking and provides accurate cleaning.
    • ✔️ Precise ear cleaning and eardrum inspection.
    • ✔️ Good lighting in the ears with 6 white LED lights.
    • ✔️ See earwax in motion with 30 FPS (frames per second)
    • ✔️ Clean the ear canal effectively with a clock speed of 2.4Ghz!

    Health & Safety Certification

    Health & Safety Certification

    • ✔️ Soft silicone ear spoon is used to prevent damage to the ear canal.
    • ✔️ We strictly adhere to safety and health certification standards, which is a guarantee for your safety.

    Design of Temperature

    Design of Temperature

    • ✔️ Customized body temperature, not too hot or too cold.
    • ✔️ Main unit temperature at 32°C, otoscope at 25.
    • ✔️ Controlled temperature during prolonged charging.

    Design of Battery

    Design of Battery

    • ✔️ Powerful battery (185 mAh)
    • ✔️ Efficient ear cleaning thanks to longer battery life (50 min)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Anita Myhren

    Helt super! Enkel å bruke og du ser alt i detaljer.

    Hei Anita!
    Takk for den positive tilbakemeldingen! Vi er glade for at du fant produktet enkelt å bruke.
    Det er hyggelig å høre at produktet ga deg full oversikt over detaljene.
    Takk for at du tok deg tid til å gi oss en tilbakemelding!


    Elias Ottesen

    Veldig lett produkt å koble opp til kamera, funket som den skulle og fikk jobben gjort:) fornøyd

    Hei Elias!

    Dette betyr mye for oss! Tusen takk for 5 stjerner Elias!
    Vi er glade for å høre at du er fornøyd med produktet :-)


    Therese Gilde
    Nyttig redskap

    Veldig bra kamera. Syns pinnen på tuppen gjør at det kan være litt vanskelig å få med ørevoksen ut.

    Hei Therese!

    Takk for en fin og nyttig anmeldelse! Det er hyggelig å høre at du er fornøyd med kvaliteten på kameraet.
    Tuppen er ment for å fjerne ørevoks. Dersom du har behov for en enklere løsning, anbefaler vi 'Note5 Pro' eller 'X17 Pro', ettersom de kommer med forskjellige tupper.
    Ta kontakt med oss dersom du skulle ha noen spørsmål :-)



    Fungerer veldig bra! God kvalitet på kamera

    Hei Jannike!
    Tusen takk for tilbakemeldingen din! Det er hyggelig å høre at produktet fungerer bra, og at du er fornøyd med kvaliteten på kameraet. Vi setter stor pris på støtten din og håper du vil fortsette å nyte produktet.


    Emma Skaalvik Tronsen

    Was hard to know where the wrote Angle was

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    Features Speacial

    Curious what's inside your ear canal?

    Q-tips and other cotton swabs can cause serious damage as they push earwax further into the ear and may damage - or in the worst case, rupture - the eardrum.

    ❌ Injury and infections

    ❌ Pushes earwax inward

    ❌ Hearing loss

    Experience painless ear cleaning with Bebird

    See and clean your ear canals with Bebird, an easy and painless solution.

    It gives you the opportunity to see and clean your ear canal with a built-in camera, without any form of pain or discomfort.

    ✔️ Discover earwax by yourself

    ✔️ Avoid embarrassing situations

    ✔️ Easy and painless solution

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    Verified customer

    Received this in the mail yesterday. Extremely satisfied! It's really cool to be able to look inside the ear and see how everything looks. MUCH better than using Q-tips! Highly recommended! Regards, Andreas

    Jane Reinertsen

    Verified customer

    Great product that works beyond all expectations!

    Erlend Eriksen

    Verified customer

    The product is exactly as described. Very satisfied. Very easy to use. Fast delivery.

    Astri Sirnes

    Verified customer

    Very fast delivery. Extremely satisfied!

    Optimize your results in a short time


    Effective and time-saving method that provides great insight into the ear canal.

    ✔️ Effective
    ✔️ Time-saving
    ✔️Owns the apparatus


    Effective, but time-consuming and provides no insight into the ear canal.

    ❌ Ongoing cost
    ❌ Time-consuming
    ❌ Renting apparatus

    Accessories included:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can I use Bebird for?

    Bebird is primarily designed for use in ears, but can also be used in the throat, nose, and other areas of the body that are not visible. The same functions can also be offered for pets.

    Is it safe to use Bebird on children?

    Bebird can be used by children, but an adult should supervise and ensure that it is used in a safe and appropriate manner.

    Will my package be sent with tracking, from a warehouse in Norway?

    Yes, of course. All our packages are sent directly to you from our warehouse in Sandefjord. You can track your package through a tracking system.

    How long does it take before the item is delivered?

    All of our products are shipped from Norway and we will process your order within 1-3 business days.
    Delivery Time may vary significantly depending on circumstances. 
    The expected delivery times for different regions are as follows:

    Nordic countries: 1–5 days depending on country 
    USA: 2-7 days 
    Europe: 2-10 days depending on country 
    Rest of the world: 2-10 days

    Do I have to pay customs and fees?

    No, with us there are no surprises. You only pay the stated price. Other providers may ship from abroad and have additional costs, but with us, this is not a concern.

    Can I cancel my order?

    Yes, please send us an email at "" with your order number to request a cancellation. Please contact us before the product is shipped out to confirm the cancellation.

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